Street, Garden, Outdoor 8W LED Light with Solar Panel and Support metal clasp

Get this high quality outdoor LED security light for your home,office,shop,factory,workshop or farm.

Order yours online now and get FREE DELIVERY.

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Get this high quality outdoor LED security light for your home,office,shop,factory,workshop or farm.

Order yours online now and get FREE DELIVERY.

Street, Garden, Outdoor 8W COB LED with Solar Panel and Support metal clasp
The lamp has COB 8W cool white LED and has a metallic support fixture, 60cm long.
The light body is adjustable vertically.
Luminaire housing is made of high quality,tough,long lasting plastic suitable for the harsh outdoor conditions
Color COB LED: cool white
Dimensions lamp: 282mmx180mmx146mm
Dimension reflector: 115mmx85mm
Size pill COB LED: ~ 5cm
Lengthof metallic mounting support: 60cm
Dimensions solar panel: 270mmx180mmx17mm
Specification Solar panel
-Power maximum 5W
– maximum current: 0.55
-maximum voltage: 9V
-Power tolerance +/- 3%
ON / OFF Masked in a hole on the front of the lamp.
Uses: lighting in clubs, bars, hotels, restaurants, parking, shops for exposed products, historic and modern buildings, garages, yards, warehouses, shops, gardens, etc. It can be used for lighting billboards. It can be used to highlight sculptures, paintings, art galleries, billboards etc. It meets the lighting needs for most average residential household, industrial, commercial premises.

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  • Store Name: Bridgepoint Energy
  • Vendor: Bridgepoint Energy
  • Address: Sanfred Business Centre
    Second Floor
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