Delivery Information

We deliver to your door if you live in the following towns . We will also cover delivery to 5kms outside of these towns/points. We require a street/physical address, as we cannot deliver to a Postal Address.

If you live outside these towns?

Some locations cannot be serviced, however Fargo Courier may be able to deliver to the nearest collection point/Depot/Branch and inform you when it is there for collection. You will need to produce your ID on collection of the items for Fargo to verify you are indeed the Buyer. If you still want us to deliver to your door, we can quote you the extra charge to have it delivered to your rural/interior home.

How and when we deliver

At Fargo Courier we Delivery within 4 working days.

Kindly note:

Fargo Courier goes the extra mile providing insurance at its own cost to each and every transaction, so in the very unlikely event that your item is lost or damaged, Fargo Courier will ensure a prompt refund of the same.
Fargo Courier realizes that some destinations will be tricky to deliver within the 4 days stated above, in this case we might take one more day. In case delivery takes longer than that we will endeavor to keep our clients fully informed about the prevailing circumstances. If for some reason or other we are completely unable to make a delivery we shall make refunds to our clients.

At the time of delivery, you will be asked to sign a form to acknowledge that the goods were delivered in good and proper condition. Proof of identification will also be required

Delivery problems

If after 5 days your delivery has not arrived, please contact our Customer Service Helplines on 0728606461/ 0703077000 or 0204930000 or you can email us at If you wish to return a product delivered damaged or otherwise, kindly contact us and also refer to Fargo Shopping’s Online Returns Policy.