Seller Support- Getting Started

If you are unfamiliar with how the Fargo Shopping System works, we encourage you to go through some of the topics below. Otherwise, you may just go straight to your Shop Dashboard and start managing/ Uploading products.


Understanding the Dashboard


announcements from Fargo Shopping



How to search for a product among your products



View your shop performance


Get Started as A Seller/ Signing Up on Fargo Shopping



step 1

  • click on signup link as shown above.
  • Go to Register and select I am a seller.
  • Fill in the details including your shop name
  • The url ( shop address will be generated automatically based on your shop name. You can change however)





step 2

Click on settings and add shop details ( Contacts, Shop Logo and cover image etc)





step 3

Click on products and start selling.


For technical support, contact or +254 703 077 000 | +254 20 206 6934/18, +254 20 493 0000


Setting Up Shop


  • Setting up shop is optional. We however strongly encourage this to enable you get more buyers
  • Click on login (login link is on the top right corner of this website next to shopping cart) if you are not logged in already
  • Click on the Drop down next to Seller Dashboard and click settings. You should see an image similar to the one below

add banner and logo

location edit


Managing Products

To add products, see the screenshots below




















Adding Variations and Attributes on Products (e.g color, size e.t.c.)
With the new Fargo Shopping, we give you the freedom to create your own Attributes and Variants

What is an Attribute?

An attribute is a unique feature of the product you create to make it different from a similar product you’ve created.

for instance, you can have 20 pairs of nike shoes on your Fargo Shop. These 20 pairs can differentiated from each other using features like color: red,white,blue and size:23,34,56. Every attribute you create MUST have a variant. Otherwise your product wont show on your shop. Always start by creating ATTRIBUTE before creating a VARIANT. Now lets start. You will like how this works !!

To create Attributes, follow these steps below



Adding Attributes



What is a Variant?

A variant is a description of the attribute created. Every Attribute MUST have a variant. For instance, usig the above example, the attribute is color whose options are Red, Green. So the variant for the attribute color can be something like 2 images representing color Red and green etc.

Now lets add a variant for the attribute above to have it appear on the front end for buyers



after saving the product, you scroll down again to the variants section. You should see something like this (below):


now lets proceed and add some red image to represent the red product, white to represent white product etc


proceed to this steps below. ALWAYS select “Manage Stock”




Checking your Sales Reviews/ History

To see comments by visitors,


Managing Orders

To see order hostory and manage your orders,

Dashboard> Orders

Here you can even export your customers to an excel sheet. You need to be logged in to do this

Managing Coupons

It could be a very good business policy to give some coupon to customer. Seller could give the coupon for special customers. We have that feature right here with us.

To create a coupon, navigate to

  1. Seller Dashboard> coupons> Add New coupon
  2. Add coupon name
  3. Select discount type (Product Discount= fixed amount you want to impose on a product e.g. Ksh2000. Product % Discount= Percentage of the total price e.g 20%)
  4. If you want to limit the coupon to only one user, add the user email
  5. Add expiry date if you wish to
  6. Select products that you wish to apply the coupons on
  7. Exclude sale items if you wish. Sale items are items already on discount.
  8. Add minimum amount if you wish. This is the minimum amount threshold  on your shop you wish your buyers to hit before they can be illegible for the coupon
  9. Exclude your products that you don’t wish to have on coupon. Otherwise leave bank
  10. We encourage you to ensure the product you create coupons for cost Ksh. 1,000 or more. Our system only allows purchases of Ks.1,000 and above. However, your clients can still buy the product even if its less than Ksh. 1000. As long as they add any other product to their shopping cart to make the total shopping cost 1,000.



Importing from Woo Commerce to your Fargo Shop STRESS FREE

We are still working on this feature. We will update you once we are done. To find out progress, contact

What next after you receive a sell notification

For every sale you make, you will receive a notification on the seller email address. When you do, please have your products ready and wait for Fargo Courier agents who will have it picked and sent to the customer. Ensure the product is packaged safely before dispatching. Also ENSURE YOU CONFIRM THE ORDER was paid for before disptching. Order confirmation can be done by login into your dashboard, navigating to orders and ensuring the status reads as “COMPLETED”

Requesting for your money after you've sold

Contact us using the contacts below and we will give you directions. You should have your KRA ETR receipts ready if you pay tax. This will enable us process your payments quickly. Payment is done through cheque. You may be requested to provide invoices for payments

Phone or Email Support
Call the numbers below and ask to speak to Jack (Technical Support), Jane (Support and Marketing), Christine Otieno (Support and Marketing), Christine (customer care), Doris (customer care)

Fargo Shopping
Tel: +254 20 206 6934/18,
+254 20 493 0000
Cell: +254 703 077 000,
+254 728 606 461
Fax: +254 (0)60 05 230,

P.O. Box 43370-00100, Nairobi.


Which locations does Fargo Shopping Deliver

Fargo Shopping is a product of Fargo Courier, we therefore rely on Fargo Courier to deliver all the purchases made on this site. Delivery is made within 5KM radius of the following locations for FREE. Any delivery outside of this zones will be charged, depending on how far the place is. We also deliver outside the country. For international deliveries please contact the International sales manager on


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